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Summer Study Opportunities in Ancient Greek and Latin

For students interested in studying Ancient Greek or Latin, Associate Professor Mira Seo has compiled this resource about studying ancient languages. Check out the links for the programmes she recommends.

Why: Intensive courses in ancient languages are designed to help motivated undergraduates achieve up to two years’ worth of language training in 10 weeks. After completing an intensive summer course, students will be well-placed to begin reading and studying texts in the original languages with faculty at Yale-NUS: Homer, Euripides, Plato, or Aristotle in Greek, Epicurean poetry, Vergil’s Aeneid, or Augustine in Latin. Many students choose to take these courses to jump-start a Classics major by catching up quickly on languages.

Where: The best summer courses are offered at American research universities with strong graduate programmes in Classics. Language pedagogy is an essential part of training in Classics graduate programmes, so these programmes have excellent facilities and support for student language learning. Summer in a college town offers excellent student-centered social experiences and incomparable research facilities such as libraries and archaeological museums. Immersion in a research-intensive environment introduces students to a broad range of future academic pursuits.

Credit: Students of all of these programmes are regularly granted language credit by other Classics programmes.

  • University of California, Berkeley CA: famed for their intensive summer Greek Workshop. Their results are exceptional– they achieve the most Greek in the shortest amount of time. Also offers Latin.
  • University of Pennsylvania: Penn Summer school offers intensive language training in Greek and Latin.
  • CUNY Latin and Greek Institute: One of the most intensive programmes that has all day classes to cover 4 semesters of language in 10 weeks. As a public institution, the tuition is fairly reasonable, although living costs in NYC can be expensive.
  • University of Virginia, Charlottesville: One of the best Latin programmes in the US; has a specialised Latin institute.
  • Yale University offers 10 week courses in Greek and Latin covering 1 year of language. Please note that these courses are reserved for Yale students, but please let us know of your interest and we can inquire about the possibility with YSS or suggest alternate programmes.
  • Paideia Institute offers a combination of oral and written language pedagogy on site in Rome, Greece, New York, and Paris, with archaeological visits and other experiential elements. Prior experience in language is required to apply.
UK and Ireland based courses:
  • London (University College London and Kings College London)
  • Bryanston (ancient Greek only; southern England)
  • Durham (Durham University; northern England)
  • Cork (University College Cork, Republic of Ireland)
  For further details, consult the following websites:  

Other Summer Programmes in Greece and Rome


Yale Humanities in Rome Summer Program

This immersive six week program in Rome has a prerequisite course at Yale; our students can work with Global Antiquity faculty to prepare materials for application and the course. The CIPE deadline for application to this program is February 1.


Please contact Associate Professor Steven Green ( if you have any questions about the programmes listed above. Information about funding can be found on the CIPE website.

Previous summer study:

Summer 2019
Summer 2018
  • Shiying Wong:  Yale Humanities in Rome Program
  • Zhi Hao Koh: Yale Humanities in Rome Program
Summer 2017
  • Odelia Teo – College Year in Athens
  • Nicholas Lua-- Yale Humanities in Rome Summer Program
  • Jun Hao Tay-- Yale Humanities in Rome Summer Program
  • Thu Truong-- Yale Humanities in Rome Summer Program
  • Jo-ann Heng-- Yale Humanities in Rome Summer Program
Summer 2016
  • Carmen Denia-- -- Yale Humanities in Rome Summer Program
  • Michelle Lee – Ancient Greek language, University College Cork
  • Jerrick Wee – Spartans and their Worlds, College Year in Athens
  • Sasha Aman – Writing Workshops in Greece
  • Teo Xiaoting – Writing Workshops in Greece
Summer 2015
  • Chia Jie Lin – Ancient Greek language at King’s College London
  • Mariel Chee – Male and Female in the Greek Polis, College Year in Athens