News: Joshua Goh at the Lincoln Archaeological Field School

12 September 2019 (Thu),

This past summer, Joshua Goh conducted an archaeological field trip. He has this to say about his experience:

“Last summer, I participated in Bishop Grosseteste University’s (BGU) annual archaeological field school, where I had the chance to excavate the remains of the tenement blocks of several late Roman traders. This experience not only gave me an invaluable taster of the archaeological enterprise but also, more importantly, broadened my understanding of the Greco-Roman world. Having studied the Romans mainly through classical Latin texts, I naturally assimilated the rather parochial view that the city of Rome was at the centre of all the action and that provincial territories like Britain were of lesser importance. However, upon encountering the rich and sophisticated material culture of Roman Britain during the course of this field school, I am now much more aware of the importance of studying the sometimes-neglected peripheries of the Roman Empire. Rome may be the eternal city, but the old colonia of Lincoln has a history that is no less endearing.”