Volume 2 of the Dante Journal of Singapore

23 October 2020 (Fri),

The Dante Journal of Singapore hosts a series of revised student essays from Assoc. Prof. Andrew Hui’s Literature elective course, YHU3290 Dante’s Divine Comedy. Volume 2 has just been published.

The editorial team comprises Assoc. Prof. Hui and two student editors, who were for this volume Carson Huang and Kevin Wong.

As Dante is well-versed in classical literature, students of global antiquity have found him a particularly intriguing author. Kevin Wong explains: “With familiar mythical heroes and the ancient poets themselves starring as characters within Dante’s cosmic landscape, the Divine Comedy was a joy to read. Having a background in classical literature opens up a gateway into the inner world of the Commedia; into a literary universe that inspired Dante just as it does us.”

Carson Huang adds: “Dante was greatly inspired by the Latin poets before him, Virgil and Ovid in particular, which allowed students who were aspiring antiquity enthusiasts, Nicholas Lua and Genevieve Ding in addition to ourselves, to approach Dante through classical lenses. Half the submissions in this journal have roots in the classical world.”

The two volumes of the journal can be accessed here: