Courses offered in AY 2020-21

Ancient Languages

  • YLG1201 Beginning Ancient Greek (Sem1)
  • YLG2202 Intermediate Ancient Greek (Sem2)
  • YLL2201 Intermediate Latin (Sem1; TBC)
  • YIL1201S DLS: Beginning Sanskrit (Sem1; Sem2)
  • YIL2201S DLS: Intermediate Sanskrit (Sem2)
  • YHU2212 Classical Chinese (Sem2)

Courses in Ancient History, Literature, and Philosophy

  • YHU2211 Roman Literary Cultures (Sem2)
  • YHU2315 Classical Indian Philosophy (Sem2)
  • YHU3267 Classical Indian Philosophy of Language (Sem1)
  • YHU3294 Socrates on Trial (Sem2)
  • YHU3313 The Amarna Letters: Diplomacy in the Late Bronze Age (Sem2)
  • YHU3337 Money and the Rise of the State (Sem2)
  • YHU3339 Rome in Antiquity (Sem2)
  • YHU3340 The Bacchae of Euripides (Sem2)
  • YHU4237 Chinese Prose (Sem2)
  • YIL3201S DLS: Advanced Sanskrit: The Mahabharata (Sem1)
  • YLG3201 Advanced Ancient Greek Prose (Sem1)
  • YSS2208 Ancient Greek Political Philosophy (Sem2)

Some courses also have the option to add a 2MC Independent Language Module based on readings from the course syllabus: contact your professor for more information.


Previous Courses cross-listed with Global Antiquity


All courses marked with * fulfill the prerequisite for the minor: once Intermediate level or above has been attained in any one language, all additional language classes at any level are also eligible for minor credit.  A 2MC ILM at intermediate level or above will also fulfill the prerequisite for the minor provided that the ILM is letter graded.

*YHU2212: Classical Chinese

*YHU3211: Chinese Tales of the Strange

*YHU4218: Chinese Poetry

*YHU4237: Chinese Prose

 YLG2201: Beginning Classical Greek (formerly Intensive Elementary Greek)

*YLG2202: Intermediate Ancient Greek

*YLG3201: Advanced Ancient Greek

 YLL1201 Beginning Latin (formerly Intensive Elementary Latin)

*YLL2201 Intermediate Latin

*YLL3201: Advanced Latin: Catullus

*YLL3202: Advanced Latin: Catiline in the Roman Elite Imagination

*YLL3XXX: Roman Love Elegy 

 YLN1201: Beginning Sanskrit 1

YIL1201S: Directed Language Study: Beginning Sanskrit

*YIL2201S: Directed Language Study: Intermediate Sanskrit



YHU2211: Introduction to Roman Literary Cultures

YHU2214: The Story of the Stone

YHU2230: Dante and the European Middle Ages

YHU2256: Literary Genres: Ancient Epic and Gangster Film

YHU3211: Chinese Tales of the Strange

YHU3222: Ovid the Innovator

YHU3248: Food and Ethics in Roman Literature and Culture

YHU3259: World Religious Poetry

YHU3271: Love in Antiquity: Eros in Translation

YHU4218: Chinese Poetry

YHU4227: Ancient Humor

YHU4237: Chinese Prose



YSS2208: Ancient Greek Political Philosophy

YHU2251: Classical Indian Philosophy of Language

YHU2252: Ancient Greek Philosophy

YHU3214: Indian Buddhist Philosophy

YHU3245: Aristotle

YSS3241: Chinese Political Philosophy

YHU4219:  Doing Things with Words

YHUXXX:  Socrates on Trial

YHUXXX: Debate and Reasoning in Indian Philosophy



YHU2271: The Mediterranean World

YHU2250: Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul

YHU3207: The Interconnected World of 1000 CE

YHU3209: Rome: the Eternal City

YHU3215: China: Neolithic to Yuan through Archaeology

YHU3224: Warring States China: Intellectual and Political History

YHU3225: Pompeii: Art, Urban Life and Culture in the Roman Empire

YHU3252: The Age of Nero

YHU4222: The Historiography of Sima Qian (cross-listed with Literature)